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Secrets of Vegan/Vegetarian Diet Plan – Diet Routine & Guide

Vegan-Vegetarian Diet Plan

Strict Dieting is an Old Fashion! In simple words, it is worthless because it imbalances body energy. Jump into world of Vegan/Vegetarian Diet! It creates a great equilibrium between BMI and Energy.

What is Vegan/Vegetarian Diet?

Vegan dieters take honey and milk along with plan-derived food. But vegetarian dieters only consume plant-derived food in their meal. They avoid having any animal products including Meat, Eggs, Flesh and even honey. This is the basic difference of Vegan diet and vegetarian diet. 

Studies by great researchers unveil that the people who prefer Vegan/Vegetarian diet tend to grab the low amount of fat and effortlessly maintain their lower body mass index. This is why people prefer vegan diet for weight loss and maintain the ideal weight.

Some Non-Vegans Say, Non-veg is a source of heavy protein.

Don’t fall in myths that only non-veg like meat, chicken, fish or egg comprises the essential  nutrition which is required for the body.

Veg diet also includes all required calories, proteins, etc. which keeps you healthy with less fat. Actually, non-veg diet generates more calories in the body. As you know our body needs a limit amount of calorie and the rest calories get processed as fat and results in obesity.

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