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Obesity Has Covered 38% Of America – How To Deal With It?

obesity-in america

Despite several years of effort towards reducing obesity in America and USA, health researchers are not getting any positive result. In a recent report by Michele Obama Official Health Federal, it is found that the number of obese people in America is increasing slightly.

In 2011 and 2013 only 35% American was obese but in 2013 & 14 the percent has touched 38%. Although the percentage of obese people is small but it is not static. According to researches, in 2020 it might touch the 50% or around it, if any solid steps are not taken. The survey result is really panic and surprising too.

The Professor of New York University, Marion Nestle says that “The Trend is very unfortunate and very disappointing”. Here in America, people are taking much sugar and soda which results Obesity issue. Not only old people or Men are getting obese but Women and adults too are getting it.

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